handmade high-end sound system
integrated pam color light technology

DS Series


DS 115 small subwoofer, made of high quality Finnish wood. It incorporates a 15 ”with rubber suspension with a power of 1000 W RMS. Supplement for the DSX and V-ONE series!

Ideal for small and medium installations where high quality audio is required.


  • Components: LF 15 ”
  • Frequency Range: 35 Hz - 125 Hz
  • Sensitivity: 96 dB 1w / 1m
  • Max Spl: 136 dB SPL
  • Power: LF 1000w RMS 8Ω
  • Program Power: LF 1400 w RMS 8Ω
  • Dimensions: 550 x 600 x 450
  • Weight: 55 Kg

DS-122 NSD

DS 122 NSD It is the most music venue of the brand fully customizable with the name of the club or sponsor. High-end acoustic enclosure, made with high quality Finnish wood. High efficiency and performance monitor. It incorporates AMT technology (Air Motion Transformer) driver 12 ”of 450 w RMS and HF of 100 w RMS. It is supplied in versions L and R. To monitor in stereo you need an L and an R model. It incorporates a zipper rigging to fly.

PAM COLOR interior lighting system with RGB LED technology that allows to fuse music with the lighting of each event.


  • Components: LF 12 ", HF AMT 1.5"
  • Frequency Range: 40 Hz - 21.5 Khz
  • Sensitivity: 98 dB 1w / 1m
  • Max Spl: 133 dB SPL
  • Power: LF 450 w RMS 8Ω, HF 100 w RMS 8Ω
  • Program Power: LF 700 w RMS 8Ω, HF 200 w RMS 8Ω
  • Dimensions: 730 x 415 x 425
  • Weight: 23.5 Kg